Getting started

Since v2.0, 2 methods are possible to use the library. Here you can choose with which one you want to start.


Use case

Let's suppose we have a PostgreSQL database named MyStarCatalogues containing several astronomical data. Among all these data we want to publish in a TAP service only one table called SuperCat (in the database schema public).

Using this TAP library, we should first fulfil the above prerequisites:

  • Web Application Server? Apache Tomcat
  • Database? a PostgreSQL database called MyStarCatalogues.
  • JDBC driver? org.postgresql.Driver (can be found here)
  • File directory? file:///somewhere/TAPFiles.
  • (optional) Connection pool library? the Apache Tomcat embedded connection pool.
DB table


In both of the above methods, the goal will be to set a TAP service having the following specification:

Configuration file

Create and configure an entire TAP service with only one single text file.


HTTP Servlet

Extend 2 simple interfaces of the library and write an HTTP servlet to use them.