Library - 1.2 MiB (+ ~3.3 MiB for STIL)

JAR file with only the Java classes of the library.

Sources - 4.1 MiB (+ ~6.2 MiB for STIL)

Source code of the full library.

Javadoc - 2.7 MiB

Java documentation.

LGPL License - 7.7 KiB
TableSet pattern - 9.4 KiB

Empty XML document respecting the schema VOSI:TableSet. This is a pattern of document for the TAP resource /tables.

TAP_SCHEMA script - 7.7 KiB

SQL script to create the schema TAP_SCHEMA and its tables in a SQL DBMS.

Minimum TAP configuration file - 6.1 KiB

Minimum required content for a TAP configuration file. Only the mandatory properties are provided in this file, but no value is set for each of them.

Full TAP configuration file - 34.2 KiB

TAP configuration file containing all possible properties. Values are set only for optional properties. Mandatory properties must be set.

Both sources and JAR files are also available on GitHub. You can look at the different releases for the JAR files and at their corresponding tags to directly browse the sources.