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hasAlias() - Method in class adql.query.from.ADQLTable
Tells whether this table has an alias or not.
hasAlias() - Method in class adql.query.SelectItem
Indicates whether the corresponding operand has an alias.
hasColumn(String, boolean) - Method in class adql.db.DefaultDBTable
hasJoinedColumns() - Method in class adql.query.from.ADQLJoin
Tells whether this join has a list of columns to join.
hasLimit() - Method in class adql.query.ClauseSelect
Indicates whether this SELECT clause imposes a maximum number of rows.
hasNext() - Method in class adql.query.ADQLList.ADQLListIterator
hasNext() - Method in class adql.query.NullADQLIterator
hasNext() - Method in class adql.query.operand.function.ADQLFunction.ParameterIterator
hasSubQuery() - Method in class adql.query.constraint.In
Tells whether the right operand of this IN constraint is a sub-query or a values list.
Having() - Method in class adql.parser.ADQLParser
HAVING - Static variable in interface adql.parser.ADQLParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
height - Variable in class adql.db.STCS.Region
Height of the BOX region.