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JDBCTranslator - Class in adql.translator
Implementation of ADQLTranslator which translates ADQL queries in SQL queries.
JDBCTranslator() - Constructor for class adql.translator.JDBCTranslator
jj_nt - Variable in class adql.parser.ADQLParser
Next token.
jjFillToken() - Method in class adql.parser.ADQLParserTokenManager
jjnewLexState - Static variable in class adql.parser.ADQLParserTokenManager
Lex State array.
jjstrLiteralImages - Static variable in class adql.parser.ADQLParserTokenManager
Token literal values.
JOIN - Static variable in interface adql.parser.ADQLParserConstants
RegularExpression Id.
join(String) - Method in class adql.parser.IdentifierItems
Joins all identifiers with the given delimiter.
JoinedTable() - Method in class adql.parser.ADQLParser
JoinSpecification(FromContent) - Method in class adql.parser.ADQLParser
joinTableName(String[]) - Static method in class adql.db.DefaultDBTable
Join the last 3 items of the given string array with a dot ('.').