Library - 226 Kio

The full library (no dependency).

Sources - 997 Kio

Source code of the full library.

Javadoc - 903 Kio

Java documentation.

UML - ? - updated UML diagrams will come later!

UML class diagrams of all packages and classes of the ADQL library.

Grammar - 20.2 Kio

JavaCC file for the ADQL grammar definition. This file is "empty": that's to say, it only checks the syntax of an ADQL query. If you want to generate or to trigger actions at some point of the parsing, you need to modify it.

Javascript ADQL editor - 3.1 Kio

Extension of the native javascript editor CodeMirror for ADQL. (currently, only the syntactic coloration)

LGPL License - 7.5 Kio
The sources are also available on GitHub.