Library - 599 Kio

The full library (no dependency).

Sources - 1.5 Mio

Source code of the full library.

Javadoc - 973 Kio

Java documentation.

UML - ? - updated UML diagrams will come later!

UML class diagrams of all packages and classes of the UWS library.

Examples - 356.7 Kio

A deployable WAR file containing 2 UWS services ready to use. The 2 services are actually the same but implemented using a different class. Sources are provided in the /src directory.

Example for UWS-1.1 - 350.3 Kio

A deployable WAR file containing 1 UWS service ready to use in order to discover UWS-1.1.

This WAR file completes the UWS-1.1 introduction of this website.

LGPL License - 7.5 Kio

Both sources and JAR files are also available on GitHub. You can look at the different releases for the JAR files and at their corresponding tags to directly browse the sources.