UWS Demo: Timers

This page is a simple interface to use more easily the service UWSTimers (the true UWService can be found here) which will be explained in the Getting started of this tutorial.

The below block lets you prepare a request to the UWS and thus understand how to use a such service. In order to help you in the creation of your UWS request, the first part proposes you a list of the available UWS actions. In function of your choice, the second part will be filled automatically. Thus you can see how the UWS URIs are built, what is the HTTP method to use and what are the possible UWS parameters.

  • Select one of the following actions...
    • Action:
    • Job ID:
    • Job Attribute:
    • Attribute Value:
  • ...or fill manually the request:
    • URI: (pattern: /{jobList}/{jobId}/{jobAttribute(s)})
    • Method:
    • Parameters: (i.e. time=10 ; phase=run ; runid=MyJobName ; time=10&phase=run)
    • Format:
  • Status:
  • Format:
  • Executed actions:
  • Content: