Version 4.2 BETA of the UWS library implementing the UWS 1.1 features.
See the explanations for more details and download (JAR + WAR example)

UWS Library v4.1

This CDS/ARI library is a framework to create easily a UWS service.


What is UWS ?

UWS is an IVOA protocol aiming to create to start and to manage work(s)/job(s). It is especialy used in TAP services to execute asynchronously ADQL queries. This library implements the protocol as defined by the IVOA in the Recommendation 10 October 2010 (version 1.0) and is included in the TAP Library.

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Why this library ?

In order to help Java developpers to create a UWS service as quickly and easily as possible while respecting the IVOA standard.

  • Custom jobs: the library lets the service administrator to define one or several processing he wants to allow in the service.
  • 1 job execution = 1 Thread: each time a user asks the execution of one job, a new thread is created on the server.
  • Backup: this library manages all jobs in memory in order to be as fast as possible. It is however possible (and recommended) to configure the library so that saving all jobs in a file, database or other.
  • Upload: since version 4.1, the library is properly configured in order to deal with HTTP Multipart requests. Thus, files may now be uploaded as input parameter for a job.
  • Authentication: thanks to a simple Java interface, the library lets developers to specify a way to identify a user. No default authentication method is provided but the implementation is really easy to perform.
  • Log: all infos, warnings and errors are reported in a log. Log format is let free to the library users: it can be a file (free format), a database, a set of files, ...

How to use it ?

  • Documentation: to have more details about all provided functionnalities.

    Since the recent modifications of the library, the former documentation is no longer valid. Thus, no documentation will be available for some months, which is the time corresponding to write a full and correct documentation.

    This documentation will come little by little. While waiting, you can use the provided example, the Javadoc or, if totally lost, send me your questions.

  • Javadoc: Java documentation of all available classes.
  • What's new ?: Last modifications of the library.

If you have any question about the UWS library, you can send it to Grégory Mantelet (ARI/ZAH).

This library is free: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.